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  • 21 March, 2022
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El gran doctor, the self-described Mexican Injury Analyst, Dr. Edwin Porras makes a return visit. He took a break from his day job as a physical therapist for the Minnesota Twins’ minor leagues to talk about his new job and some NFL injuries. Specifically, we talked about the large number of late-season ACL injuries that happened toward the end of 2021, mostly to wide receivers. What are the expectations for these players’ return, and are returns in 2022 just too pie in the sky? Robert Woods, Chris Godwin, Michael Gallup, some players who are among the best at their position get a fresh outlook for the upcoming season. And we learn about the Latin food scene in Florida. Edwin, keep doing great work. Salud! Quick FYI: About 15 minutes after finishing this interview, Robert Woods was traded to the Titans. So check out famiiiaffb.com for the fantasy fallout of the deal.

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