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  • 16 April, 2021
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A tropical fun chat with El Capitan of the #Rumboyz, Robbie Johnson. Sipping rum and talking some #fantasyfootball, as well as the origin story for Robbie and the Rumboyz Fantasy Network, with some classic stories all around. In all the fun is an entrepreneurial mind working overtime. We also took a look ahead to the NFL Draft and some players to watch in 2021. His take on tacos, simply delicioso! Salud!

@rumboyzr / rumboyz.com

@familiaffb / @jorgemartin17 / @whattdahec / @rickytorrestv

Show Notes

  • :52 Kicking off with a shot of rum
  • 2:10 Broadcasting for the semi-pro Colorado Springs Spartans
  • 5:42 The Rumboyz personality is all natural and fun.
  • 9:47 Living around the world has fed his sports fandom
  • 12:36 When did the idea for the Rumboyz Fantasy Network first come up?
  • 18:04 Evolving analysis over the years.
  • 20:26 Lessons learned for 2021.
  • 23:39 Why pre-NFL Draft hype is necessary in fantasy football.
  • 28:17 Players to get excited about for 2021.
  • 29:10 Calling his shot on a big deal!
  • 30:40 Al Pastor tacos at Taco Libre.
  • 31:49 Big fun coming up for the Rumboyz.

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