Episode 014: Arriba/Abajo: The Overrated/Underrated AFC Teams

  • 53:15
  • 11 June, 2020
  • 77.1M

Time to move over to the other conference. With New England losing TB12, the conference seems to be up for grabs beyond that Mahomes guy in KC. Are the Bills ready to step up? Did the Titans overachieve last year?

Show Notes

  • :52 Latino culture has impacted sports more and more.
  • 12:18 Preseason cut to 2 games? Si, por favor. Plus, Gurley's cleared & Ryan's new TE.
  • 22:48 The Bills underrated?
  • 28:17 Chargers have fantasy weapons galore, if a QB steps up.
  • 36:30 Is Tannehill that good, or will his regression make the Titans step backward?
  • 42:09 The Browns have fantasy weapons, but it's up to Baker Mayfield to fulfill his potential.
  • 48:06 Broncos relying on a young QB and many rookie WRs.

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