Episode 071: Week 5 Recap With A Heavy Heart

  • 57:17
  • 12 October, 2020
  • 83.2 MB

We’re dedicating this episode to our prima, Maria “Marica” Gutierrez, who passed away suddenly over the weekend. She was #2 in our line of grandchildren, and liked to remind us of it. RIP, Prima. Los primos tried to lighten the mood by saluting the World Champion LA Lakers. Gracias, LeBron & AD! The Week 5 Sunday gave a rundown of the injuries, Chingon performances from players like Chase Claypool and those who came up short.

Show Notes

  • 1:06 RIP Prima Marica Gutierrez
  • 2:25 Tribute to Lakers winning championship #17.
  • 8:10 Chisme updates rescheduled games & more.
  • 18:24 Ay, Ay, Ay! Dak Prescott’s dislocated ankle is a gruesome season-ender.
  • 24:50 Ay, Mijo brings on Chingones of the day like Teddy Bridgewater.
  • 31:20 Chingon RBs topped by Mike Davis.
  • 35:44 No WR was more Chingon than rookie breakout Chase Claypool.
  • 44:42 Travis Kelce gets 100 yards & a TD like clockwork.
  • 45:50 Ay Dios Mio saw Joe Burrow come to earth in Baltimore.
  • 55:23 Early look at waiver-wire picks.
  • 55:44 Weekly Best Bets performance.

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