Episode 063: Sports Overload? Nunca! Week 3 Sunday Recap

  • 59:32
  • 28 September, 2020
  • 86.4 MB

Hector’s got a new pad and congratulations to the @Lakers for making the NBA Finals. The @Dodgers also start the playoffs this week, so we won’t be hurting for sports to watch this month. Week 3 kicks off with a QB controversy in Chicago. Then we say “Ay Mijo!” to the great performers on Sunday, followed by “Ay Dios Mio!” and the players who let us down. The injuries weren’t as high-profile this week as last, but “Ay, Ay, Ay!” gives an early look to who to keep an eye on. 

Show Notes

  • :51 Hector got the keys to a new home.
  • 3:08 Felicidades to the Lakers in the NBA Finals.
  • 5:11 Changing of the guard in Chicago at QB?
  • 8:22 Ay Mijo! Some incredible performances on Sunday.
  • 41:26 Ay Dios Mio! Those who let us down.
  • 52:35 Ay, Ay, Ay! The injuries from Week 3.
  • 55:44 Early look at waiver wire.

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