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  • 05 March, 2021
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Jeff Garcia never set out to become “The Sports Dude,” but when the opportunity came he ran with it. Here he is, the backbone of the “Cruz Show” on the Real 92.3 weekday afternoons. We caught up on his rise through LA radio, his big breaks from Big Boy and Kobe, and his love for all things Lakers, Dodgers and Chargers. We even talked a little fantasy football before talking some Mexican food. Great time catching up with a good friend. Salud!

Twitter/IG: @thesportsdude / @familiaffb

Twitter: @jorgemartin17

Show Notes

  • :47 Introducing Jeff Garcia.
  • 1:26 The birth of the Sports Dude.
  • 3:31 Passionate about sports, but won’t take himself too seriously.
  • 4:33 From being the Sports Dude to turning it into a brand.
  • 7:41 Cherished relationships with players.
  • 8:35 From hosting events with Kobe, to a special bond.
  • 12:44 Forming the Cruz Show.
  • 17:48 Supporting the black and brown communities in LA beyond the music.
  • 20:25 Finesse or fail are fun prank calls.
  • 23:19 The emotional rollercoaster of the Lakers and Dodgers winning titles almost back-to-back.
  • 28:09 Wanting it for Kershaw, Jansen and friends in the Dodger front office.
  • 31:27 What can the Dodgers and Lakers do to repeat?
  • 32:31 Lighting a candle for AD.
  • 32:31 Lighting a veladora for AD's return to health.
  • 33:17 Watching the birth of a superstar for the Chargers.
  • 37:53 Bad luck with the first pick in the fantasy football drafts.
  • 38:55 Whatever I say, do the opposite.
  • 39:21 Asking for fantasy advice.
  • 43:26 Jeff’s favorite tacos.
  • 44:16 Setting the path for young Latinas and Latinos.
  • 48:42 Coming up soon, going to do something to give back to youth sports.

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