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  • 01 February, 2021
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Sam Farmer has been the lead NFL columnist for LA Times for more than two decades, and he and Jorge go way back to the late 1980s when they were both cutting their teeth as young sportswriters. They recall a great story about how they almost were at the famous Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. Yes, the Kirk Gibson home run game. Sam also shared about his role in helping keep the light on for the NFL during its two-decade hiatus from LA, some funny stories involving Hall of Famers and his own induction into Canton. You don’t want to miss the talk on the current QB carousel, nor the preview to the Super Bowl. We closed with some great Adam Sandler stories after Sam had a cameo appearance on The Longest Yard. Gracias, Sam!

Show Notes

  • 1:16 Just kids trying to figure all out in the 1980s.
  • 5:44 North Hollywood girls basketball game was first assignment.
  • 14:08 We had a choice to make Oct. 15, 1988. Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. We chose wrong.
  • 20:24 We broke a major rule of etiquette in the pressbox.
  • 22:11 Keeping alive the NFL in LA during the two decades without a team.
  • 28:05 He couldn't get beat on LA getting the NFL with the Rams and Chargers.
  • 28:35 Different NFL stories because LA didn't have an NFL team.
  • 30:12 Incredible stories from traveling to Israel with a group of Hall of Famers.
  • 39:02 Being inducted to the Hall of Fame in Canton, OH.
  • 40:52 Memory that overshadows all memories of that weekend. Remembering Don Banks of SI.
  • 43:08 Backstage at the HOF with Bill Belichick.
  • 30:53 Texans hired David Culley as head coach.
  • 43:42 How much was this year the most challenging year of covering the NFL?
  • 47:10 Talking about the NFL's QB carousel.
  • 50:08 Previewing the Super Bowl LV matchup.
  • 51:47 Tony Romo says this could be one of the greatest games in Super Bowl history.
  • 55:30 With Tampa Bay being the home stadium, there might be a lot of Bucs fans.
  • 56:28 His cameo in The Longest Yard.
  • 59:01 Leaving dinner with Sandler was a freaky, scary experience
  • 1:03:29 Actors want to be athletes and athletes want to be actors.
  • 1:04:48 What would he tell that kid sportswriter who was just starting out?

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