By day, Yasmin Quintana works in Operations at Red Bull. In her spare time, she’s a budding sports media star. Her social media following has grown dramatically and organically as she has professed her deep following of the Cincinnati Bengals, fantasy football, the NFL and NBA. We talked about how she became a fan of the Bengals, a chance meeting with Chad Ochocinco, the misconception about Latinas & Latinos following football as well as how she became the commissioner of her family fantasy football league. It’s a great listen.

Follow her on Twitter: @yoyasminn & Instagram: @yoyasmin

Show Notes

  • :55 Introducing Yasmin Quintana.
  • 2:08 How her unique love of the Bengals had interesting starts.
  • 6:23 How her affectation for the NFL has grown over the years.
  • 7:44 What’s her secret to increasing her social media following?
  • 11:04 What other projects would she like to undertake?
  • 15:09 Is Burrow the future, and the present?
  • 18:30 The origins of her popular Tik Tok video.
  • 21:44 Being a young Latina and football fan don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
  • 26:39 Yasmin broke into her family league, and now is Commissioner Yas!
  • 29:26 How many fantasy leagues does she play in?
  • 35:49 Dealing with CMC’s injury absence.

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