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  • 19 March, 2021
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This Q&A gives a great overview on injury analysis with one of the rising stars and medical experts in the fantasy community, Dr. Edwin Porras. Why are players being injury prone a myth? What should you look for in injury recovery before drafting players? Edwin offered medical analysis on several NFL players coming off serious injuries that fantasy football managers will be drafting this year. He also answered questions on durability, longevity and what to look for in training camp injuries. Edwin also beamed with pride in wearing his Mexican roots on his sleeve professionally, and we closed it out with a little fun rankings chatter on Mexican food and drink staples. Salud!

Find Edwin’s work @FBInjuryDoc / fantasypoints.com / Injury Prone podcast

Find Jorge: @Jorgemartin17 on Twitter

Show Notes

  • 2:34 What came first, dream of becoming a PT or passion for fantasy football?
  • 4:10 The origin for the idea for Familia FFB.
  • 7:01 Connecting over shared culture, aka raza.
  • 10:48 Starting a fantasy football injury blog for a fun distraction.
  • 13:09 Injury analysis as the hidden analytic in fantasy football.
  • 15:14 Where Injury Prone came from.
  • 18:33 Does one of the injury-recovery factors weigh more than the others?
  • 20:31 Players in Year 2 coming off ACL surgery.
  • 21:30 Adrian Peterson is a unicorn.
  • 23:50 Level of concern for 3 players coming back from ACL tears.
  • 26:15 Prospect for return to play for Dak Prescott coming off compound ankle fracture.
  • 31:19 A.J. Brown’s double knee surgery has good return prospects.
  • 32:39 Three top RBs who’ve had injuries. What’s their 2021 outlook?
  • 35:58 Is Derrick Henry still ready to repeat his current peak run?
  • 37:42 Are there only so many bullets that a player has in his body?
  • 38:29 Predicting players going past their athletic peak.
  • 40:09 What training camp injuries are concerning for the approaching season?
  • 41:50 Can more players have longer careers because of sports medicine advancements?
  • 43:58 Ranking favorite tacos.
  • 46:07 Red or green salsa.
  • 47:23 Making the trek to Russian River for Pliny the Elder.

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