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  • 10 March, 2021
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Los primos close out the Super Soph series with a look at 8 of the top rookie wideouts from last year. Beyond how incredible Justin Jefferson was, there are several others who are primed to break out in 2021. They also reacted to the players impacted by the franchise tag deadline and the good news for Dak Prescott and Cowboy Nation. Plus, Ricky’s on Twitter!

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Show Notes

  • :41 I'm so fancy.
  • 4:12 Lou Diamond Phillips plays Latinos repeatedly.
  • 5:40 Seeing a scene from La Bamba being filmed.
  • 6:12 Chisme kicks off with projected Salary Cap number.
  • 9:14 Cowboys re-sign Dak Prescott.
  • 15:10 Some cuts and franchise tags.
  • 16:50 Funny Michael Irvin story.
  • 24:01 Free agent RBs will be good values.
  • 28:03 Where will the free agent QBs sign?
  • 29:30 What does Justin Jefferson do for an encore in year 2?
  • 37:27 Cowboy WRs get plenty of love every year.
  • 41:56 Jerry Jeudy from big disappointment to breakout?
  • 45:35 Brandon Aiyuk busted out & now sharing targets with Kittle and Deebo.
  • 48:31 Henry Ruggs needs to be better in Year 2.
  • 52:49 Tee Higgins going to grab open targets left behind.
  • 56:31 Chase Claypool has breakout superstar talent.
  • 1:01:19 Jalen Reagor needs to become WR1 in Philly.

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