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  • 26 February, 2021
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One of the leading Fantasy Football voices in Mexico and throughout Latino America, Mauricio Gutierrez sat down for a fun, wide-ranging interview. How he left being an attorney to become a fantasy analyst, the launch of Estadio Fantasy, joining La Cueva Del Fan, the birth of #HelpMeObiMau and lessons learned from 2020 is just the start. We dug deep into fantasy football analysis and some early 2021 sleepers before jumping into favorite taco rankings and a shared U2 fandom. Fun chat with mi buen amigo. Venga!


Show Notes

  • 1:30 Introducing Mauricio Gutierrez
  • 2:10 When did the passion for NFL and fantasy football begin?
  • 4:50 Family trip to Houston spawned a love for the Houston Oilers, then Tennessee Titans.
  • 6:31 Earl Campbell is the 1.01 on Jorge’s list.
  • 7:23 Making the move from being an attorney to fantasy football analyst.
  • 10:12 Trust in your project.
  • 11;44 Birth of the name Estadio Fantasy and the solo podcast.
  • 15:45 Developing #HelpMeObiMau.
  • 18:43 Joining La Cueva Del Fan in 2020.
  • 22:28 A dream came true with NFL Mexico.
  • 25:32 Nominated by FSWA for high honors.
  • 28:10 Sports fans in Mexico and throughout Latino America love NFL, too.
  • 29:35 Kicker-only fantasy football leagues in Spain.
  • 31:56 Fantasy football is limitless.
  • 33:04 You’re always evolving in fantasy football analysis.
  • 33:44 Don’t trust the late-round TE.
  • 35:35 Talent is the door to having the opportunity to produce.
  • 38:44 Konami Code breaks the Late-Round QB strategy.
  • 42:49 Earliest I’d take a QB is the 7th or 8th round.
  • 44:23 Where would you like to see Deshaun Watson traded?
  • 48:23 Attacking the NFL offseason from a fantasy football standpoint.
  • 50:34 If someone is interested in writing for Estadio Fantasy.
  • 51:56 The NFL offseason > MLB offseason.
  • 54:42 Introducing advanced analytics to the Latino audience.
  • 56:13 Some early sleepers for 2021.
  • 59:25 Ranking favorite tacos after 1.01 Tacos Al Pastor.
  • 1:01:23 Chilaquiles is 1.01 for breakfast.
  • 1:02:12 Seeing U2 changed Mauricio’s life.
  • 1:06:18 Ranking favorite U2 songs.
  • 1:08:10 Piel de gallina.

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