Devouring the sports page as a kid in Oxnard, Omar Ruiz wanted a career in sports. At first he wanted to play baseball, but when that didn’t work out he took a swing at broadcasting. We cover Omar’s rise through college, smaller markets to where today he’s one of the voices on #NFL Network. Staying true to his family and his Latino roots have kept him grounded and grateful for all the success he’s earned. We even talked about his love of the Dodgers, Lakers and Raiders. Plus, he’s a fellow #girldad. Salud, Omar!

Twitter/Instagram: @omardruiz / @nflnetwork


Show Notes

  • 1:04 Oxnard and Pacoima coming together.
  • 1:48 What were those early influences from his parents, and passion for sports.
  • 5:53 First home was in Culver City and now Omar’s back there working at NFL Network.
  • 8:50 All-time favorite athlete, Magic Johnson. Favorite baseball player, Steve Garvey.
  • 10:44 Omar’s last favorite player.
  • 12:14 His tios introduced him to football and the Eric Dickerson Rams.
  • 13:10 Raiders’ move training camp to Oxnard made him a Raider fan.
  • 16:16 Playing professional baseball was the first dream.
  • 18:54 Living the Dodgers’ 2020 World Series championship was as special as ever.
  • 21:53 Letting the baseball dream go. Time for a new dream.
  • 23:55 Going to the games and getting paid for it.
  • 26:10 Aspiring to a career in sports broadcasting even though there weren’t many Latinos paving the way.
  • 30:10 If I can make it at Syracuse, I’ll make it anywhere.
  • 32:09 Paying dues in smaller markets before the big break.
  • 34:20 Live updates in -20 wind chill. Brrr!
  • 35:26 Pride in himself and where he came from leads to being genuine on a broadcast.
  • 39:23 Being an example to young Latinas and Latinos following in his footsteps.
  • 41:08 We have to keep doing bigger and better than the generations before.
  • 41:38 Working with Hall of Famers.
  • 44:01 Being in Cleveland for history.
  • 46:53 Derrick Henry’s breakout game.
  • 49:49 Reflecting on Tom Flores’ induction into the Hall of Fame.
  • 53:48 Living in the breaking news during the NFL offseason.
  • 56:20 Omar’s first taste of playing fantasy football.
  • 1:00:08 Favorite Mexican comfort foods.
  • 1:02:54 Secret to a great breakfast burrito.
  • 1:06:48 Baseball didn’t work out, but the fallback plan is a great tribute.

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