Episode 013: Arriba/Abajo: The Overrated/Underrated NFC Teams

  • 1:07:40
  • 09 June, 2020
  • 98.2M

Are some teams filled with draft-day bargains? Are others being so talked about that their players are rising to high on draft boards? Los primos take a look at 6 NFC teams that are either flying too high and laying too low.

Show Notes

  • :35 Last-place punishments for your fantasy league? We found a few.
  • 7:29 Chisme: Dalvin Cook holding out? We hope not.
  • 13:30 Football Morning in America column has a great summary of how the #BlackLivesMatter movement has been impacted by the NFL.
  • 22:41 Arriba/Abajo: Overrated/Underrated teams in the NFC.
  • 24:08 Panthers have sneaky-good fantasy stars for 2020.
  • 30:42 Will Rams offense ride high again?
  • 35:34 NY Giants have some under-the-radar fantasy stars.
  • 41:10 49ers headed for Super Bowl hangover?
  • 49:18 Has Buccaneers' hot offseason overvalued WRs?
  • 58:39 Anyone on the Eagles other than Wentz and Ertz worth drafting?

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